And the winner is … Democracy


Less than 2 weeks ago we held the Conwy Folk Club AGM.

When I think back over the painful route out of so called democracy into this new beginning for the club that started 2 years ago, it gives me pause for thought.

In the days of the Malt Loaf there was a quality reminiscent of Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland regarding the so called democracy;  Humpty said “…when I say a word it means whatever I want it to mean…”

The belief that a democratic system could be democratic simply because that’s what it was called was the conceit. The reality was a series of shameful manipulations of democratic processes, in order to maintain control. I’ll draw a veil over any further detail.

What did happen though was because I was brave/foolish enough to draw attention to this, I was made out to be some sort of Ogre.

Tomorrow we will be having the first committee meeting of our second year at the Conwy British Legion.

This time I am the Chairman of the club.
All officers of the committee are – I am sure – wanting to work for the membership of the club, to carry out their wishes, and to develop and gently “grow” the club – democratically.

It would be easy to crow, but in fact I regret that we were not able to include all the original members. Two or three of them do turn up from time to time, but I expect many will never visit the club again.

The winner is democracy, and the losers are those who sought to subvert the democratic process, but in a sense we are all losers in not being able to accommodate each other in a spirit of co-operation.

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