Dora, my daughter, died on February the 8th this year, and I’m still coming to terms with all the assumptions I had had concerning her life, my relationship with her and how it might have been if she had lived on.

It’s still too soon, and too raw, and I am still surprised about my reactions, that creep up on me at unforeseen moments.
Sadness certainly, but also an acceptance and quiet pride in what she had achieved in her all too short life.

If you’d like to find out a little more about what made her special, there is a commemorative website:

I have only one piece of writing there, and it isn’t particularly prominent, so I’m reproducing the link here:
Tony’s Memoir concerning Existential Angst – it is my first writing considering Dora’s life since her death, and I hope might offer some comfort or means of celebration for a life of value.

May her spirit live on in our memories.

2 thoughts on “Dora

  1. Dear Tony ,
    Hello!! I am Kyoko from Japan ! Do you remember me? You called me Kiyo !
    It is so long time since I saw you last!
    I was homestaying your house in Bethesda about 25 years ago. Times passes so fast!
    I just know about Dora passed away on 8th Feb 2015 now. I feel deeply saddened and now I am thinking about Dora and seeing some her photos. Her soul still here , and I pray for Dora .
    I am sorry too late you to contact .
    I am sending you some Dora’s photos later. So if you don’t mind,reply for me please.
    Thank you for reading my email.
    Love Kyoko xxx

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