2019 ends…

Who will save the World?

From my days at the Rocket Patrol

Well 2019 – there we are.
Brexit was supposed to becomes a reality this year.
And I became 64 this year – important in Beatle years apparently.

The turn of the year is a good time to look back on the last 12 months to take stock of what has been gained, lost, achieved, and what there is left to do, which then entreats us to look to the way ahead in 2020.

Personal gains for my partner and I have been tremendous, we had finally moved in to our new home in 2017, after almost a year of redeveloping an old, decaying property, into a modern, environmentally sound, low carbon footprint home. When I say redeveloping, I mean we got Dylan Evans Building Contractors from Llanrwst to do it for us, my skills are nowhere near the level needed for this job.

We have solar panels (of course), an Ecodan™ air-source heat pump – that heats the underfloor heating and the hot water. Every room has been insulated to the maximum, and all external doors and windows are brand new double glazing, glazed with Solar Insulation Glass™.
The two “receptions” have Burley™ Log Burners, that are the most efficient, least polluting wood stoves available.

The new extensions to the house includes a long conservatory room south facing and running the full length of the house. This is great for passive solar heating, as more than 50% of the room is glass on the south side.

We have an extensive garden, which is mostly self seeded wild plants and flowers, but nonetheless we have developed an orchard, a soft fruit bad and a raised vegetable bed which has already born fruit (and vegetables!).

We have had a wooden garage built, that is my carpentry workshop, and I have been using it to build furniture, mainly garden furniture, using reclaimed timber wherever possible.
I have also built a large shed next to the garage to store timber, paint, bicycles and much of the flotsum and jetsum that accumulates in a garage, and now I’ve built a carpentry bench, and a circular saw bench in the liberated garage space – I’ve amassed a number of second hand, elderly power tools from Facebook Market Place and eBay (not one item new!) but all still serviceable.

We didn’t miss out on our preferred Festivals; Crossover, Chester, Shrewsbury, and we went to our favourite members conference at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth.

Extinction Rebellion has loomed large on our lives this year, and we have engaged in a number of local meetings and protests.

We’re now looking forward to a quiet Yuletide, and a new year with the hope of optimism and creativity needed to combat the dark winter days ahead.

Happy New Year to all!


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