About Me

I was born in 1955 in Plaistow in the London Borough of West Ham (don’t ask me about football though – not my thing)

I started playing the guitar and singing when I was 14, and now perform regularly in my local folk clubs

During my teens I started work labouring for a local builders, before moving to work at a local working man’s club doing cellar work, “racking up” and at night collecting and washing glasses

I then worked in The Covent Garden Bookshop, and Mowbray’s bookshop in central London before running my father’s bookshop in West Ham for several years

I graduated from Thames Polytechnic (English and Philosophy BA Hons.)
In 1983, I did a training year in the Science Museum Library in London
I then completed a post-graduate diploma in Ealing in Information Science in 1986 (PGDLIS)

In 1987 in support of the Sandinista Government, and in despair of the Thatcher regime, I went to live in Nicaragua, Central America, where I worked in the National Library of Nicaragua, and in the National Records Centre, Managua for 2 years

Returning to London in 1989 I worked in the Science section of the Houses of Parliament Library

In my teens and twenties I walked a number of long distance footpaths in the UK and I spent many holidays cycling around the UK and in France

I am the Webmaster for several local websites in North Wales – Conwy Folk Club; North Wales Bluegrass FestivalCiwb Conwy Cube

Having lived in Nicaragua I am a fluent Spanish speaker and would welcome any opportunity to chat in Spanish…

I am Treasurer of Conwy Folk Club and would encourage others to start / join a local folk club – it’s a great vehicle for community involvement!

I am Chairman for Ciwb Conwy Cube – a Community Interest Company – we hope to take control of the Conwy Civic Hall from the Council – in order to run it as a Community Music Theatre and Arts Centre.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tony
    Would you be interested in holding your Bluegrass festival at Bodafon Farm Park this year or next, which could work out cheaper than your current arrangements in Conwy?
    We run the Llandudno Jazz Festival during the last weekend of July and the weekend before or after is available if any use to you, thereby saving you costs in most probability re marquee, infrastructure etc..

    Let me know what you think and if interested I will arrange a meeting.
    Best regards


      • Hi Geoff,
        We went to visit Mark last week and had a look around Bodafon, to be honest, whilst there was a lot to like about the Festival music locations, the locations for camping and camper vans seemed a bit scruffy and unlevel, unless you camp down near the road, which wouldn’t suit many of our customers.
        Still we’re thinking it over for 2018, Gill wants a year off in any case.
        Thanks for the heads-up on this,

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